UX Artifacts and Processes

UX Research Activity:  Ethnographic Research

Interviews & Observations: Over a two week period of time, customer behavior was observed and documented and interviews were conducted in order to identify opportunities for user-experience in El Sol restaurant. The results of the research are documented in the User Experience Research document.


Empathy Map

After interviewing customers at El Sol restaurant, an empathy map was built based on insights from the interviews.



Persona Development

After iterating on insights made, a more complete picture of the user was developed
into a persona.



Using the persona that was developed, a storyboard about a decision
with frames including Beginning, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action
and Resolution.


UX Value Proposition and Journey Map

A UX Scenario was written about a new homeowner who wants to complete some DIY projects in his new home but does not have the tools to do these projects. He does not want to invest in expensive tools for one-time use. A problem statement was was defined. A Value Proposition was developed which defined the user experience and pain points and the the benefits of a product/service for tool rentals through a database of renters and borrowers. A UX Blueprint defined the user challenges, aspirations, focus area, guiding principles, activities (UX scenarios) and measurement of success. A Journey Map was built showing a visualization of the user journey with opportunities for improving the user experience and insights about how a tool rental service could solve these opportunities.

UX Value Proposition Activity


UX Blueprint ActivityIMG_1455_UXBlueprint_wp

UX Journey Map ActivityIMG_1416_JourneyMap_wp

UX Journey Map Development